Wednesday, 8 July 2015

My hair transformation - Nice n Easy medium ash blonde 106 review

I've recently gone from bright bleach blonde to dark blonde/light brown! It was a massive transformation for me as I was so used to seeing my hair blonde.
Even though I loved my hair being that colour as it was very summery, if I tied my hair back it would look gingery and if I didn't straighten my hair it would look yellow.

So I went to the hair dressers and asked them to dye my hair dark blonde, with my hair being so light in the first place they had to dye it warm blonde (very gingery) then medium ash blonde.

This was the result..                                 

This is what it faded to after 2 weeks

I went back to the hairdressers and they dyed it again...

Result...                                                                               What it faded to after 2 weeks.

I really hated the colour it faded to as it was a gingery yellowy warmy blondey horribley colour! With me spending an absolute fortune at the hair dressers I decided to spend a fiver in boots and buy Nice n Easy Medium Ash Blonde 106. It was so easy to mix and apply but it absolutly stunk! The ammonia was really strong while applying my eyes were literally watering and I could taste the ammonia.

This is the end result...                                                                                                                            

As you can see the ginger has completely gone its a really nice ash blonde colour. It did come out a bit darker than I expected but I still think it looks really nice. Click here to see what my hair is like after two weeks.

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Rach xxx

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