Sunday, 19 July 2015

Molton Brown Signature Scents Mini Body Wash Collection Review

I've always loved Molton brown products but they are so expensive so I usually buy the mini collections to I get a bit of everything! In this set you get 10 different shower gels all in 30ml bottles, which I bought for £19.

I love Molton Brown because you literally only have to use a drop and they foam up nicely. The scents are strong but not overwhelming, you can smell them on your body even when you get out of the bath or shower.
Molton brown are famous for putting a mix of scents that you wouldn't expect to be nice in a shower gel but they really are!

Gingerlily (left) I love this scent, it just smells really fresh and clean. I don't think you can really smell the ginger in it which is great because I'm not a huge fan of ginger but it does smell floral.
Patchouli & Saffron (middle left) I don't really like this one if I'm honest, it smells like hospitals.

Ylang-Ylang (middle right) is one of my favourites, it does smell musky which I don't usually like as I always seem to go for floral and fruity scents but this one really shouted to me haha! It sounds strange but when I smell this it makes me want to go get all dressed up and go out for a few drinks, I don't know why it just does.

Pink pepperpod (left) this is truly original it smells sweet yet peppery and just gorgeous! Love the colour too!

 Silver Birch (left) this one smells very musky and outdoorsy, don't really like this one.

Orange & Bergamont (middle) I love this one smells just like oranges, but posh oranges haha. It's really fruity and sweet. 

Eucalyptus (right) smells like tea tree oil. I love using this one when I'm full of cold, it makes me feel refreshed and less clammy. 

Water Mint (left) smells lovely too. Its not too strong its like a really suttle hint of mint. Just lovely!

Black Peppercorn (middle) smells awful! It smells like mud, really not my cup of tea!

Templetree (right) this is my all time favourite. It smells like a spa in a bottle, really relaxing and fresh. Love it!

Hope you enjoyed reading xxx


  1. "smells awful" that made me lol big time. I love honest reviews like these haha Templetree sounds like my fav out of all of them :)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. hehe thanks! Templetree is amazing you should try it xxx