Thursday, 9 July 2015

Jelly Beans Large Yankee Candle Jar Review

I am completely obsessed with buying Yankee Candles. I buy the large jars for display and the small votives to burn. I've recently purchased the Jelly Beans Yankee Candle for £21.99 but it was a special easter candle so they don't have it on the website anymore unfortunately. 

Yankee Candle describes this candle as 'bursting with the scent of sugary sweet fruit'. I have to agree with them it really does smell sweet just like fruity jelly beans but its not too sweet that its sickly. 
It's so yummy it makes you want to eat it haha! The thing I love about the large Yankee Candle jars is that you don't actually need to light them in order to make your room smell nice, just remove the lid and the smell just floats out. Can't wait to get paid so I can buy more :D!
Thanks for reading xx


  1. Yankee Candles are awesome!! Love them!

    xo, mikéla /

    1. Hehe they are, cant wait to buy more :D