Friday, 10 July 2015

Fragrant Finds Exfoliating Massage Sponge/Soap Review

I bought this soap from for £4. This is basically a block of soap with a rough sponge inside, it comes in many different scents such as mint, lemon, lavender and much more ( I bought the mint one). 

To use you just rub it against your skin in the bath or shower and it exfoliates your skin. I absolutely love this because I exfoliate twice a week and it is so quick easy to use, you also don't end up with bits in your bath like you usually do after exfoliating! After use my skin felt so soft and smelt minty and amazing :D.

I would definitely recommend this product as its cheap and you save on money because I have used it so far around 15 times and pretty much still the same size as when I bought it!

Thanks for reading xxx

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