Friday, 10 July 2015

Cherry Lemonade USA Yankee Candle Review

Hiya! I know I've been posting quite a lot of reviews lately but I purchased this today and just had to tell you about how amazing it is! It is a rare candle to get over here in the UK as its only available in the US.

I go to a shop in crossgates (leeds) called serenity gifts and she sells them there. The USA candles she sells are quite expensive at £33 but they are so worth buying and could end up being of high value in the future.
OMG this candle just bliss. It actually gives me butterflies smelling it because it reminds me of childhood. How do I describe the smell? Well do you ever remember having a double dip as a child? Just like the cherry sherbet in that its sooooo gorgeous. Its not sickly at all its just the right amount of sweetness and sugaryness and cherryness mmmm!

As I said before I never light the large jars because you just don't need to as you can take the lid off and your whole room smells of it.
It is definitely a large sum to pay for a candle but it really is worth it as the USA ones are so rare over here.

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