Saturday, 21 February 2015

Liz Earle Skincare Review

I have always had really dry and sensitive skin that gets so bad in winter I can't wear foundation because it sets into cracks in my skin. I've tried many different skin care products from brands like Garnier, Simple, Nivea and Olay. They have all resulted in me having a massive breakout and to be honest I would rather have dry skin than lots of spots.

I was shopping in Leeds and saw the Liz Earle shop in the Victoria Quarter and thought I'd go in and have a look around. The staff were really helpful and friendly, they recommended I tried the Cleanse Tone and Moisturise set. I have been in love with their products ever since and use them twice a day.

Cleanse & Polish

This product is amazing honestly a must have in everyones skin care regime. My mum and I both use this and she loves it too! It works on every age and skin type with fantastic results leaving your skin looking and feeling refreshed.

When I get up on a morning this is the first thing I do... apart from brush my teeth of course! I wet my face with warm water and squirt one pump onto my fingers and gently massage it into my skin using circular motions. I leave it to soak into my skin and leave it to do its magic for 1-2 minutes. Then I soak the Liz Earle muslin cloth in warm water and gently wipe off the cleanser and pat my skin dry with a towel. It leaves my skin feeling really soft and removes any excess dry skin I have especially around my nose. The smell is also really nice, it doesn't smell like any other skin care products I've used, its truly original in more ways than one.

When using this on a night I usually leave my makeup on because I find using makeup wipes to remove my makeup leaves my skin feeling really dry and looking red. I use one pump again but massage it into my face and over my eyes to remove mascara then wipe off using the muslin cloth. I find it removes all my makeup without having to use makeup wipes.

 Instant Boost Skin Tonic
This is the second skin product I use on a morning. After using the cleanser I put a little bit of this on a cotton wool pad and gently wipe my face and neck. It removes any excess dirt you may have missed when using the cleanser and leaves a fine veil of moisture over your skin. It smells really fresh and smooth on the skin but it feels quite cold (I think its because of the cucumber ingredient). But that's great when you need to wake up before work. Its also amazing if you have any redness as it calms the skin and leaves it revitalised. I use the 200ml bottle and it last me about 8 months.

Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser 

This is honestly the best moisturiser I have EVER used. This is the only moisturiser that hasn't caused me to break out and it has enough moisture to satisfy my really dry skin. In winter I use the dry/sensitive twice a day but in summer I use normal/combination because my skin is never as dry in summer. I bought the 50ml tube because they didn't have the tub in stock but I won't be buying the tube again. I tend to use more than needed when its in the tube so will definitely get the tub next time.

The dry/sensitive moisturiser texture feels quite thick before you put it on but it quickly sinks and settles into the skin and feels very light. I make sure I rub it into the cracks of my nose very well because thats where my skin is the most dry. 
The only negative comment I have about this product is that woke up late once and had to rush out of the door and didn't have time to use it. After one morning my skin was having major withdrawal symptoms and felt really dry and sore. This was just from forgetting to use it once! 50ml usually lasts me around 3 months so I make sure I have a spare so I never run out (I don't want my skin going all dry and crispy, its just not attractive at all)

I make sure I use these three products morning and night without fail especially in winter to keep my skin looking bright and refreshed. I think because I work 8am-5pm everyday my skin really needs that extra pick me up on a morning to stop me looking like I've just crawled out of bed with no sleep!

Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion (My secret to looking like i've had a good nights sleep even if I haven't)

Many people would admit that they don't get 8 hours of sleep everynight, especially when they have a busy on the go life style and it really shows when you wake up in the morning. My eyes look puffy and tired and when I'm dealing with customers all day I don't want to look like I'm half asleep. So I put a few drops of this miracle lotion onto 2 cotton wool pads and place them other my eyes for 1 minute, I then gently wipe my eyes with the pads. My eyes instantly look like I've had a long relaxing un-interrupted sleep, honestly! It has naturally active ingredients such as aloe vera and cornflower which help cool and refresh your tired eyes. I tend to keep my bottle in the fridge so its really cold which wakes me up even more. Its a 150ml bottle which lasts me about a year as you don't need to use alot and its not a necessary everyday routine.

Also a little tip, if you suffer with hayfever like me in the summer this is perfect for itchy eyes. I soak cotton wool pads in it and put them over my eyes and just lay there for 10 minutes. My eyes instantly look and feel amazing, they aren't itchy and don't look puffy and red. I would definitely recommend this, even to use on children who really suffer with alergies and itchy eyes.

Liz Earle Orange & Flower Botanical Body Wash

This comes in a 200ml bottle which lasts me about 4 months using it twice a day (depending on how much you use). It is sensitive on the skin and smells absolutely gorgeous, like summer in a bottle which is lovely to smell when its cold outside. It's not too over powering too its just right!

You only need to use a bit of this as it foams up nicely and its easy to lather on your skin. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and smelling fresh. It also has a natural source of Vitamin E which is an antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin.

Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator

This product is perfect for my dry flaky skin, it gently buffs away dead skin cells and helps reveal fresh skin cells underneath. I use it 2-3 times a week because I find if I use it once a day my skin starts to become dry and I feel like im rubbing away my skins natural oils.

This is perfect for use just before you go on holiday too because removing dead skin cells make it easier to get an even tan. I wouldn't recommend using it when youve got a tan though because I find that starts to wipe my tan away.

Liz Earle Nourishing Botanical Body Cream
200ml (lasts me about 3 months)

This cream is perfect when you've just got out of the bath. Its so luscious and hydrating to the skin and helps keep moisture locked in all day.

Like I said my skin is so so dry and needs serious up-keep everyday to keep it at its best, this also means body moisutising at least once a day.
Its very thick but drys quickly and sinks into the skin quickly which is perfect when youre in a rush to get dressed and get out of the house. You don't want clothes sticking to you.

 The smell is very light and refreshing like all the other Liz Earle products which is excellent and not overpowering. I have several patches of really dry skin on my arms like excema which need heavy moisturisation and this does cater to that. It doesn't sting my or irritate my excema it just simply calms it down and helps reduce it.

 Liz Earle Hand Repair

This is the last Liz Earle product I have, its a must have hand bag accessory, I do not leave the house without it. My hands need serious up-keep as being a Dental Nurse I have to wash my hands alot more than the average person. This removes the natural oils in my hands and can make them feel cracked and dry. This is the best hand cream I've ever used, it doesn't sting my hands like some do after serious hand washing and keeps them feeling soft and silky smooth.

As you can probably tell I love Liz Earle products there are quite pricey but worth it as they last along time and keep leave your skin looking amazing from head to toe!

Please let me know what Liz Earle products you use and your views.

Thanks for reading :) xxx


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