Sunday, 22 February 2015

Benefit Big Easy Review - 01 Fair

Benefit Big Easy

I bought this product after seeing it advertised on the Benefit website. It claims to adjust to the exact shade of your skin giving you a lightweight and even liquid to powder finish. It also claims to balance moisture & control oil.

This product does have a very lightweight finish and looks like powder foundation which is great in the summer if you don't want to put too much makeup on, or if you're in a rush but still want a nice foundation finish. It is very easy to apply, you can just use your fingers to blend it in evenly.

They only have 6 shades which doesn't seem like a lot but as it claims to adjust to you're skin tone you should be able to find you're perfect match. I chose shade 01 (fair) because I have really pale skin. When I squeezed a small amount on my hand it did look do dark for my skin but when I rubbed it into my face it blended straight in. Its a perfect match to my skin tone which is great.

Big Easy Fair - 01 Swatch                  Blended              

 As you can tell the swatch does look quite dark compared to my skin but it blends in nicely.
 Its not full coverage so if you're looking for that then this one isn't for you but if you're looking for something light weight that blends nicely and evens out your skin tone then I would recommend buying this. It also lasted all day without having to re-apply it which is great when you're at work for 9 hours.

I had one major problem with this product and that was because of my dry skin. I used the product for 3 days and started to notice my skin peeling under my eyebrows and around my nose. I know it was this foundation that caused it because I hadn't changed anything in my skin care regime apart from starting to use this.

I would definitely recommend this product for someone with normal combination skin but if you have dry skin like me don't use this product because it will make your skin really dry.

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